Fullstack developer, Laravel enthusiast and open source contributor.

I’m Sandro, a software developer based in Switzerland. I’m passionate about Laravel, PHP, web development and open source.
Working @hosttech for already more than 10 years. Developing a variety of projects, from small internal tools to large web applications.

How to use the OpenAI Assistants API in Laravel

Learn how to use the newly added Assistants API of OpenAI. We are going to build a ChatBot answering questions based on the latest Pest Framework documentation.

How to use DALL-E in Laravel

A few days ago OpenAI announced the public release of DALL-E, a new AI model that can generate images from text descriptions. Follow along to see how to use DALL-E in Laravel.

How to use OpenAI in Laravel

Learn how to use Artificial Intelligence provided by OpenAI. Join me building a little Github Bio Generator as en example.

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